Bridging the Gap Between Literacy and Hope

20 Years of Promoting Global Literacy

Books for the World

Shipping Books Worldwide in Collaboration with Rotary Clubs

Books for the World is a global literacy project supervised by Rotarians. We ship books from the United States, which might otherwise be discarded into landfills, and the books are sent to children worldwide where educational resources are in short supply.

Our educational non-profit organization is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Seabrook and funded by the Second Wind Foundation to promote literacy worldwide.

Our Story

In 2001, we got the idea for this project during a dinner meeting between Rotary Governors Charlie Clemmons from District 5890-Houston, Texas-USA, and Ted Pope from District 9300-South Africa.

During our discussion about a common cause to serve both districts, Ted said he needed some books, and Charlie said he could get them from the local library. And the rest is history.

About Our Literacy Programs

The Books for the World project started with a Matching Grant from the Rotary Foundation through the efforts of the Rotary Club of Seabrook and funding by the Second Wind Foundation, which was created after receiving a big private donation.

The books collection started small, but the news spread like fire about our books donation.

Books for the World
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Milestones & Achievements

Today, Books for the World continue to distribute books to impoverished rural area schools and has spent over $2 million as a charity. Our contribution has yielded $130 million of literacy materials to local educators and has assisted them in promoting their community literacy.

Books for the World

Supporting Global Literacy

As of 2022, about 410 40-foot containers have been loaded for 17,655,106 pounds of books (17.1 million books) sent to more than 25 countries. Once our recipients receive the books, the containers are put to good use by converting them into polio immunization vans, child care centers, school rooms, libraries, etc.

Books for the World impact Rotary’s focus areas in supporting basic education, literacy, and the environment. Our motto is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

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